Who Is Coming to the Reunion and An Invitation to Dine

I have been asked for the names of the folks attending our reunion. Here is the list.

Ernie Ayala
Maury Anderson
Charles Birchard
Stanley Brodine
Robert Bouslaugh
Randall Crane
Terry Cremer
Kenneth Casey
Edward Cotter
John Cloud
Daniel Dallas
Duane Ellingson
Robert Feliszak
Joseph Forstner
Dave Geiss
James Gysel
Harold Gearhart
Donald Hodges
Allen Huseby
James Heard
Donald Hathaway
Charlie Hahn
Larry Hunt
David Johns
Ken Jaeger
Dale Konen
Dave Keeton
John Kooiker
Peter Lajeunesse
Rick Lowe
William McCloskey
Steven Mendenhall
Pete Moreno
Robert McDonald
Tony Mozeleski
Ernest May
Thomas MacArthur
Larry Majeski
Rodney Morrison
Johnny Ornalez
Dennis Porter
Ray Rogers
Lee Ruth
Billy Revell
Gary Smith
Richard Stienberg
Rhaunal Williams
Allen Wood
Manual Zamora
John Zimmerman
Mike Colburn
Robert Clark
John Reardon
Paul Friedrich
Larry Bowman
Donald M. McCann
Douglas H. Chestnut
Vernon Jordan
Miguel Bustamante
Aaron Helmick
Jerome Schmitz
Randy Bryant
Charlie Conn
Dennis Jensen
Rich McPhillips

Ernie Ayala has asked me to put this out on our mass email blast: 

Guys, reunion a little over a month away. My high school buddy, also a Vietnam vet, inviting us to his restaurant in the higher end part of San Antonio. I’m thinking Friday night. He can send transportation for us. Either he gives us a big discount or he may just pick up the tab. How many interested. The name of the restaurant is Las Palancas Mexican Cuisine (one of 13 in SA).

Take Care,


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