Harry Wickwire 212th 67-68

It is with sadness I have to inform you all of the loss of another dog handler. Harry William Wickwire died October 2016 in Miami, Florida. There is some confusion about where and when exactly Harry served. Our records reflect 212th 67-68. Harry’s brother George thought he served 1965-66 and again 68-69 in the Long Bien area both times.
George told Ray Rogers 981st 71-72 that after Harry came back from his second tour in Vietnam a different person. He said Harry had difficulties adjusting the rest of his life. Harry never opened up to help his family members understand what happen to him. At the time of Harry’s death Harry was estrange from his family. George is asking for our assistance. He would like to hear from anyone that knew Harry to help the family put some pieces together. We have two ways to contact George. Both ways are listed below:
Ray Rogers
c/o Harry Wickwire
5022 Guinevere Drive,
San Antonio, TX 78218-2718
George Wickwire’s email address is: georgewickwire23@yahoo.com
Please if you can help this family get some closure however small it may be.
Gary Smith