Reunion 2021 Pictures

Below is the pictures from the reunion. I hope you enjoy.

Charles Birchard, Bob Bouslaugh, Stan Brodine, Vera Brodine, Gary Smith, Rhaunal Williams, Cookie Bouslaugh at first of many meals Wednesday May 19, 2021

Duane Krowen and wife
Uranium came from Silverton area and smelted here in Durango.
Train at the riverside park
Beginning of the hospitality room. Vera Brodine, Bob Bouslaugh, Stan Brodine
In processing Table Cookie Bouslaugh
The Quilt up for auction
Different View of Hospitality Room, the Brodines
Hotel provided breakfasts each day at the Hospitality Room.
Couple on the right George Blackman and wife
Bob Bouslaugh, Dave Geiss, David Johns, Ray Rogers at local pizza joint.
Stan Brodine, Terry Cremer, Rush Mortimer, Vera Brodine
Bob Bouslaugh, Jerry Gard and wife
Explanation of the Fallen Comrade Table
Front of hotel
McCloskeys leaving