Doyle Chandler 212th 67-68

Good afternoon everyone, I am sorry I have to pass this on to you.  Ernie Ayala 212th 67-68 posted this on Facebook this morning.  If an Obituary is posted I will pass it on.  Please Take Care of yourselves.  Gary
It is with great sorrow Doyle Chandler lost his final battle with cancer at 8:40 AM today. His wife, Paula called to inform me of his passing this morning. He was comforted by his family around him in his final hours.
Doyle served with the 212th MP Co 67-68 in Long Binh and Vung Tau. He has gone on to meet his military dog, Comanche 2A05 at the Rainbow Bridge ?.
Doyle was from Spiceland, Indiana.

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