Request for Assistance

For Steven Dragovich 981st 70-71

He is asking for help to find out who these guys are in the pictures.

Picture 1:The twins are named Sobing, but we have no first names for them
and don’t know city and state for them, which SD company they
were a part of and for which years. Their name does not come up
on the alumni search index. Can anyone identify them further?
I left in January of 1971 and I don’t remember them so my guess is
they came afterward. The 981st sign behind them is not from
CRB, but see small ribbon above the hat of the right twin, and
the T-39 incomplete alphanumeric to the right of him for clues.

Picture 2: 1SG Hamblin is at right, but who is the brigadier? When I enlarge the photo it looks like his name tag could be Eustas. Does anyone know for sure? The event also seems to be part of an inspection of the 981st kennels, maybe at a detachment. Can anyone help with this?

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