Vietnam War Commemoration for 50th Anniversary

Bob Dunn 212th 67-68 placed this announcement on our Facebook Page.  I believe it needs the widest dissemination, so I am sending out mass email to you.  I hope you agree and pass it on.  The link address is:     Take Care, Gary

Come one! Come all!

The Dept. of Defense is honoring us Vietnam veterans on the National Mall on Thursday, May 11th thru Saturday, May 13th. This event is called the Vietnam War Commemoration, recognizing the 50 year anniversary of the United States ceasing combat operations in Vietnam. It is a huge event as you can see by the attached brochure.

I need help. The organizers have provided us with a 20 by 20 foot tent to promote our organizations. It is a great opportunity to tell the visitors of our experiences in Vietnam as dog handlers. It is also an opportunity for us to let everyone know how important our four legged partners were over there how much they meant to us. If there are any members living in the greater Washington, D. C. area, or plan to visit during that time, please reach out to me. I sure can use help keeping our legacy alive. Please message me or respond to this post so that we can discuss.

Thank you.