Updates to our Website

Hello everyone, I got this from Steve Dragovich, 981st 70-71. He has been working hard to update our website rosters so they can be as accurate as possible. I know there is a lot of names of deceased here. Remember this is over a lengthy period of time.

212th 65-66
Bartholomaus, Dave C. Feb 10, 2003, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Chartier, James D. Nov 28, 2017, Merrill, Wisconsin
Danylin, Ronald B. May 3, 2008, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Jordan, Charles S. Aug 20, 2017, LaGrange, Georgia
Kulaga, Walter G. (Bud) Jan 11, 2000, Bushnell, Florida
Liggett, Larry G. Oct 3, 2016, Plant City, Florida
Morgan, Clyde E. Jan 4, 2011, Pleasant Valley, West Virginia
Nicholson, Charles C., Jul 24, 2010, Williamston, North Carolina

212th 66-67

Goffigan, Sherman L. (Fish), Jul 19, 2007 Roanoke, Virginia
Hughbanks, Larry W., Feb 26, 2008, Coleman, Texas


212th 67-68

Dobash, Charles F., Dec 1, 2000, Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania

212th 68-69

Hobbs, Charles E. CPT, May 25, 2000, Tallahassee, Florida

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