Reunion 2023

Good afternoon, Jim Frost, 981st 71-72 is looking into hosting the next reunion in Phoenix, Arizona around Veterans Day 2023.  Here is Jim’s message he posted on Facebook: 
Everyone:  Over the next few days could you let me know by way of replying to this email if you anticipate attending the 2023 reunion.  This is not a commitment!!!  Just if you are interested or hope to attend at this time.  I am in negotiations with one of the hotels right now and it would be helpful to give them a ballpark figure.  Again, this is kind of a straw ballot only.  I know a lot of things can  happen between now and then.  As a reminder, I am trying to lock in a rate for November 9, 10, and 11th to include early bird and ones who may want to spend an extra few days in Phoenix and the surrounding area after the reunion.  Thanks for your help in this.  Again it is not a commitment, just a wish list for me to work with. Phoenix has the fourth largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation.  He believes the members that can walk the distance of the parade would be included in the parade.  For those that could not walk the parade they would be along the parade route.  
Please do not respond if you have responded to my email or Jim’s Facebook post. If you want to respond send me a message at