James Babij, 981st 70-71

Jim Babij Vietnam courtesy of Ed Hild 981st 71-72

This is from Ken Claflin, 981st 70-71. I learned of another Sentry Dog Handlers passing this morning when Susan Babij called to talk to me about James. I don’t have many pictures of him as he was camera shy but he did take pictures with my camera of me and others. When and if I find an obituary I will try to post it. We were sent to Team F together in January 1971 and I spent the rest of my tour with him and ‘Chipper’ Rest in peace ‘JB’ James Babij !

I received this morning a picture of James with a friend Joseph Ryder taken in 1979-1980. I am going to include what Joseph had to write about James. , I am a retired Steamfitter from NYC but for 18 years of my career I traveled around the country and one of the projects Was for a planned outage on a Nuclear Powerhouse in Vermont in 1979-80 and Jimmy was a Pipefitter/welder working there also and that is when that photo was taken. I worked together maybe 6 times and I have high respect and fond memories for Jimmy.

Many years of traveling I have met many people in my line of work and James was one of those people that had the finest character of anyone, he will be missed by me and others, sleep well Jimmy

Thanks for Your Service

Joe Ryder

James Babij with Joseph Ryder 1979-1980