Ernie Ayala 212th 67-68 VDHA Vice President

Dear Fellow alumni members;  This past weekend August 5-6, 2017 at a Vietnam Dog handlers Association (VDHA) board meeting in Houston, Texas Ernie Ayala 212th 67-68 was appointed Vice President by the new President, John Harvey, who became president when Perry Money passed away.   I am making this announcement for two reasons.  One, many of our alumni members are also VDHA members.  The other reason is lend moral support to Ernie.  He is embarking on a higher position of authority and responsibility that he did not actively pursue.  Being a good team player he reluctantly accepted the job knowing he may not be very far from having to step up to greater responsibilities.  Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. Ernie told me the Sentry Dog Alumni continues to be first in his heart.

Gary Smith 981st 71-72

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