2 thoughts on “THE DOGS WE LOVED: FOXY

  1. Warren Dodge, Ken Claflin, and Steve Dragovich remember Foxy, January 2018:

    WD: good looking foxy not sure about the handler lol
    SD:  Warren, you are BAD! But you do like animals so I still love you. Just barely. LOL!!
    WD: Same here Brother.

    KC: I found this photo while searching on google of Steve and Foxy. Thought I would post the photo on Facebook to go with the article that he wrote earlier.
    SD: Ken, thanks for the photo op Facebook publicity. 
    KC: I was searching 981st MP on google images and there you and Foxy were. You’re welcome Steve. Great picture.

  2. Ken Claflin and Monte Adams respond to Steve Dragovich’s post on 
    981st mascot Foxy, October 2017:

    Ken Claflin: Great story Steve, thanks for sharing.
    Monte Adams: Only you Drag, only you. 

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