The Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University

Richard Burkes Verrone Ph.D, was the guest speaker at our 2003 Reunion. He is a representive of Texas Tech University Vietnam Archive.The mission of the Vietnam Archive is to collect any material related to the Wars of Southeast Asia, and to preserve the record of individual involvement and provide greater understanding of individual experiences. The Vietnam Archive strives to preserve all perspectives of the wars by maintaing balance in their collection activities.

The following is an outline of there goals:

  • Collects all documents and memorabilia related to the Vietnam war, and the collective experience of those affected by the war and it's aftermath;
  • Preserves the archival material in state-of-the-art facility located on campus of Texas Tech University;
  • Encourages the dissemination of information from the archive to all who are interested in learning more about this critial time in the United States and world history;
  • Promotes the study and understanding of the Vietnam War, the nation of Vietnam, and the history of Southeast Asia.

We encourage everyone involved in the Vietnam War to visit their web site. It has a wealth of information, for anyone interested in this subject. If you are interested in donating material for the archive, please use the contact information link supplied below.

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Created on 08/10/2003

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