These following pages are dedicated to all of my Brothers and Sisters who served in Vietnam. We listened to Armed Forces Radio Network, and were glad to hear it! This is also a thank you to all of the Disc Jockeys and their supporting personal that brought us the tunes that we listened to. It was our touch of home. Being a music afficianado I thrived on the music that the AFRN broadcasted. I am sure that the soliders that are in the conflicts of todays world, feel the same way. AFRN keep up the good work that you do, we support your efforts entirely, and our soliders abroad!

The following archive is also a tribute to AFRN Radio in Vietnam, and gives our members and vistors, a chance to relive those days through music. I pray that everyone who crosses this threshold, can feel the memories that this music brought to us in a vacuum of missing family, and a continuing desire to live and return to a world of sanity.

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Created on 08/13/2003
By J.D.