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Computer Website Problems

I am experiencing problems with updating the website at the time. Everything that is updated will always be posted on our Facebook page. dPlease refer to the Vietnam Military Police Sentry Dog Alumni Face Book Page. Thank you,

Gary Smith
981st 71-72
Gary Smith on 03.05.15 @ 12:48 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, March 5th

Reunion 2015

Folks I got the below note from Charlie Hahn February 17, 2015. I forgot to post it on the website at the time. Don Ristine 212th 65-67 pointed out to me March 1st. Since then I have been having computer problems at my home. I am having to use my daughter's computer to post this please bare with me. There's been a change of dates for the reunion and also for the hotel. The new date is just one week earlier Thursday October 1 to Saturday October 3. The hotel is now the Renaissance Hotel at DuPont Circle, a Marriott Hotel. This is a bigger hotel and has facilities to accommodate our dinner. Sorry for the change of plans, but I believe we will get a better rate for the new dates. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anybody who might have booked airline tickets. I will definitely have all arrangements by the end of the month. Sorry for this but the weather has been bad and a few snow flakes and DC closes down. Government workers ...enough said!
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.05.15 @ 12:45 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Sunday, March 1st

Hepatits C linked to Agent Orange Exposure

I had my annual physical this past Wed and all is well there. They asked if I would like my blood be drawn to be tested for Hep C. I did. They explained that there is a like to Agent Orange. First I heard of it but was wondering if you could post this on the Alumni web site or Facebook to alert the guys.

Thanks Dave Johns 981st 70-71
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.01.15 @ 12:27 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, February 26th


This was posted in the Jan Feb 2015 Newsletter. William H. Jones 212th MP CO 67-68, 01-04-1949 -- 04-08-2014. I believe this was confirmed by the widow. I searched for obituaries and found one for William. The obituary only contained funeral arrangements. sad
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 02.26.15 @ 03:25 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, October 16th

Human Interest Story

From Jim Frost 981st 70-71.

In 2011 we had two families who joined us for the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Kathy and Darrell Rusk and their youngest son, Brady. Their middle son, Colton was a Marine canine handler. He was shot and killed by a sniper. The family adopted his dog, Eli. We also had Nan and Vinnie, mother and step-dad of Billy Crouse, also a Marine canine handler. He was killed by an IED that was set off by the Taliban in Afghanistan as he and his dog Cane, approached it. Both were killed. Before he died, Billy was calling for Cane to be loaded onto the medevac with him.

A few days before the parade, I received a call from John Goheen. He is a documentarian out of Loyola University. He was a major part of a project called 11/11/11. Different people were covering various veteran related events on that day. He wanted to come out to interview the Rusk family for a three to four minute segment for the documentary. 11/11/11 has been out for awhile. We set it up. This is the segment that John covered. As you can see, it ended up being far more than four minutes. This whole subject affected Mr Goheen as well. John Burnam was also out here for the parade that year.


[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 10.16.14 @ 08:17 AM CST [link] [No Comments]

Saturday, October 11th

Message From Charlie Hahn 212th 66-67

Hi, Guys, I'm Charlie Hahn, 212th 66/67 Long Binh Ammo Dump. There seems to be some confusion about who is organizing the 2015 Reunion. Yes, I volunteered, but you must realize...I'd been drinking. However, With the help of Gary Smith, a real stand-up guy, the word has gone out, and response is great. The date is set for 2015 October 8, 9, & 10, in Washington DC at the Doubletree Hotel 1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW. Rates have not been set yet and its still too early to book rooms. I expect to have all this settled within the next few months. So far, we have 83 people (members, wives, main squeezes & guests) planning to attend. If you haven't notified me yet, I'd appreciate if you could contact me of your intention to attend. The more people, the better rate I can negotiate. My email is chahn6@goeaston.net and phone is 410-690-3752, leave a message. Stay well!
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 10.11.14 @ 09:45 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Friday, October 10th

Reunion 2015 Possible Attendees

Charlie Charles Hahn has released the names of the folks who are probably coming to the reunion. I am putting this out so if anyone is on the fence about coming maybe this will help make the decision.

2015 Vietnam Military Police Sentry Dog Alumni Reunion

Barrow Tom 212 71-72
Beckwith Dave 212 69-70
Bouslaugh Bob 212 67/68
Campbell John Patricia 212 67-68
Carter Bob 981 71-72
Castelli Dean 212 70
Cremer Terry Bonnie 212 69
Crump Daryl 212 70-71
Dahl Dave Mariann 981 71-72
Dallas Dan 981 70
Droese Gerald (Pops) Joyce 212 69-70
Garner Allen Dolores 981 67-68
Gearhart Harold Betty 981 70-71
Griffin Bill Marilyn 212 67-68
Hahn Charlie 212 66-67
Hill John Mary 981 70-71
Huseby Allen 981 68
Konen Dale Wife 981 71-72
Maier Martin 212 67-68
Majeski Larry 212 65-66
Matuzek Frank Wife 212 66-67
McCafferty James Wife (?) 212 67-68
Milligan John 212 66-67
Morrison Rod Cecilia 981 67-68
Mozeleski Anthony Judi 981 70-71
Noah William Joanne 212 65-66
Porter Dennis Pamela 212
Ristine Don 212 65-67
Ruth Lee Pam 981 68-69
Sierecki Rich Wife 212 69-70
Smith Gary Sandy 981 71-72
Steinberg Bob Kira - PTSD Dog 212 65-69
Willenbrock Joe 981 70-71
Williams Rhaunal Earnestine 212 66-67
Williams Rick Deb 212 66-67
Wood Allen Leslie Joaquin Gowens 981 71-72
Zimmermann John Diane 212 66-67

Again remember this is only a list of folks who expressed the belief they are going to attend the reunion. I hope this helps.
Gary Smith 981st 71-72

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 10.10.14 @ 04:45 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Sunday, October 5th

Reunion 2015 Update and Request (Please Respond)

I got this from Charlie Charles Hahn, 212th 66-67. Please let Charlie know if you are going to attend the reunion. He cannot properly plan without your input. Who knows, if we get enough folks to commit maybe he can get better prices at the hotel.

Thanks Gary

I would like to get a rough count of people who will attend the reunion, October 8, 9, 10th 2015 in DC. Please email me at chahn6@goeaston.net Need names, MP Company (212th, 981st, 565th), time of service. Cost for rooms at The Doubletree Hotel should not be in excess of $150 and I hope to do better on costs, but need to know approximate attendees. You can also contact me at 410-690-3752. Please leave a message with the pertinent information.

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 10.05.14 @ 01:37 PM CST [link] [No Comments]


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