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Newest Members Coming to Reunion 2015

I just got the list of attendees for our reunion from Charlie Hahn 212th 66-67. Rather than put out the full list I will just list the additions.

Friedrich, Paul 981st 69-70
Milner Chuck, 981st 67-68
Schmitz, J.J. 981st 69-70

See you all there,

Gary Smith on 08.17.15 @ 05:43 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Saturday, September 5th

Belated Condolences for Russell Theriault

Guys, I just received a notice that one our members passed away about three years ago. I cannot find an obituary for him. His name is Theriault, Russell, 212th 66-67. Unfortunately until I got this notice we had no listing for him in our records. Please let us know when we have info missing or in error. We will gladly update our records as soon as we can. Thank you in advance.
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 09.05.15 @ 04:52 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Monday, August 17th


The Alumni wishes to extend our sincere condolences to the family of John W. Long 212th 71-72. John passed away August 1st. You can view his obituary at legacy.com obituaries. If that doesn't work (I'm on vacation from my computer so all I have is my mobile) just put his name with the word obituary in the search engine.

Obituaries - Death Notices - Online Condolences | Legacy.com

Legacy.com is a global network of online obituaries that provides timely news of death and allows users to pay respect and celebrate life.


[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 08.17.15 @ 05:41 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, August 13th

Reunion 2015 Update about Parking and Hospitality Room

Hi All,

Charlie Hahn 212th 66-67 put this on Facebook last night. My experience tells me we do not have everyone on Facebook that I have email addresses for so I am sending this out as a mass email. I hope all is well with you and your families.

Some Reunion News
Parking - The hotel can provide for night of dinner parking at $20 inclusive. For overnight guests they can provide parking at $35 per night. As in previous posts, some members have stated that there are several garages nearby and you might get better rates there.

Hospitality Room - The hotel will provide soft drinks and bottled water for the Hospitality Room. Alcoholic drinks will be available to the members at Happy Hour prices at the hotel bar. The Hospit...ality Room will be available from 9 AM to 6 PM ( maybe a little later).

Dinner - The dinner will be Saturday 10/3/15 starting at 6 PM. It will be a buffet and there will be a cash bar. Soft drinks and water will be available at each table.

If you haven't forwarded your registration fee of $100 per person, please do, payable to Charles Hahn, 55 Park Lane, Easton, MD 21601

That's about all I have for now. My email is still chahn6@goeaston.net

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 08.13.15 @ 03:47 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Friday, August 7th


The Alumni wishes to extend our sincere condolences to the family of John W. Long 212th 71-72. John passed away August 1st. You can view his obituary at legacy.com obituaries.
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 08.07.15 @ 10:14 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Wednesday, July 22nd

Updated List of Attendees

Here is an updated list of who is attending the reunion:

Alumni Name Guest

Anderson Maury
Ayala, Ernie Fran
Belmas, Paul Wife
Birchard, Charles
Biss, Bob
Bowman, Larry Sondra
Caldwell, Daryl Sahvann
Caldwell, John
Cassin, Kevin Carol
Castelli, Dean
Chestnut, Doug Kathy
Cotter, Ed Becky
Crane, Randall Deborah
Cremer, Terry Bonnie
Dallas, Dan
Davis, Larry Sandy
Dunfey, Kevin Linda
Fanning, Tim
Ford, David Wife
Forstner, Joeseph Catherine
Geiss, Dave
Gearhart, Harold Betty
Gysel, James Wife
Hahn, Charlie
Hayes, William
Heard, JD Deborah
Hill, John Mary
Hunt, Larry Idett
Huseby, Allen Bernice
Johns, David
Jordan, Vernon John Farley
Keeton, Dave Cookie
Koberg, Larry Nancy
Konen, Dale Nancy
Langhals, Bob Vivian
MacArthur, Tom Marti
Maul, Marlin Shirley
Majeski, Larry w/Gary Smith
May, Ernest Wife & Son
McCafferty, Jim
McCloskey, Bill
McDonald Robert
McPhillips Richard
Mendenhall, Steve Michelle
Moreno, Pedro Lupe
Morris, Bill
Morrison, Rodney Cecilia
Mozeleski, Tony Judi
Muto, Dick Geraldine
Porter, Dennis Pam
Ragan, Zenon Nancy
Ristine, Don
Rogers, Ray w/Gary Smith
Ruth, Lee Pam
Shine, Jim Maria
Slayton, Danny Gail
Smith, Gary
Willenbrock, Joe
Williams, Rhaunal Ernie
Wood, Allan
Zimmermann, John Diane

Gary Smith on 07.22.15 @ 03:20 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, July 8th

The Passing of James D. Davies 212th 69-70

I received from John Caldwell 212th 69-70 that James D. Davies 212th 69-70 died January 18, 2008. If you like to view the obituary go to our Facebook page.
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 07.08.15 @ 12:37 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Tuesday, July 7th

The Passing of Dave Beckwith 212th 69-70

I just received this from David Johns 981st 70-71 who received it from Marlin Maul 212th 69-70. I tried to find an obituary to accompany this posting but it is too soon. A picture of (Dave) Robert D. Beckwith 212th 69-70 at our reunion 2013 is posted on our Facebook page.

Today I got a call from Dave Beckwith's son and was informed that he passed away today. Will follow up when I get more information.

Please keep the Beckwith family in your Thoughts and Prayers.

You will be deeply missed my Friend.


[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 07.07.15 @ 01:01 PM CST [link] [No Comments]


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