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Updating The Website

I am presently experiencing problems trying to update the website and rosters. Please go to our Facebook Page for the latest news and reunion updates. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our members. Please bear with me while I try to correct the problems.
Gary Smith
981st 71-72
Gary Smith on 04.07.15 @ 01:15 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Tuesday, April 7th

Reunion Update

Vietnam Military Police
Sentry Dog Handlers Alumni
2015 Reunion News
The Reunion will take place in Washington, DC from Thursday October 1 to Saturday October 4.
It will be at the Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel, 1143 New Hampshire Avenue
NW, Washington, DC, 20037-1522 (202) 775-0800. Room rates are $149.00 for Standard Room.
The hotel has agreed to make this rate available for the three days preceding and following the
reunion, depending on availability. There is limited parking at the hotel and several parking
garages nearby all for a parking fee. There is a ton of transportation in Washington…Metro,
Busses, cabs and walking is good for you!
Reservations for the Reunion must be made with Marriott reservations at 1-(800) 468-3571.
Register mentioning: Vietnam MP Sentry Dog Alumni Reunion Oct 2015, Reference : M-
2QM8ZZG. All reservations must be accompanied by a first night deposit or guaranteed with a
major credit card or by WASRW Social Account. Cutoff Date is September 2nd, 2015.
We will have a hospitality room and limited refreshments. There are many free museums and
attractions in DC, so, I’m sure you won’t be at a loss for things to do during the day. Also,
there are many restaurants around DuPont Circle, Georgetown and Capital Hill.
I will be asking for money for the dinner and incidentals, in coming weeks, after I’ve gotten a
better handle on estimated costs.
Please contact me with your attendance information so, we can produce name tags. We’ll need
your name, wife or main squeeze’s name, MP Company and dates in Nam.
Charlie Hahn
Phone: 410-690-3752
Email: chahn6@goeaston.net
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 04.07.15 @ 01:10 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Monday, March 23rd

Max the Movie

This is from Jim Frost 981st 70-71.

I wanted to let people know of this movie which will be coming to a theater near you June 26.

Jim Frost


[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.23.15 @ 01:07 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Friday, March 13th

Happy K-9 Veterans Day March 13, 2015

This friendly reminder was given to me from David Hannum 212th 71-72.
Happy K-9 Veterans Day to all our K-9 Veterans.

[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.13.15 @ 09:49 AM CST [link] [No Comments]

Wednesday, March 11th

Conflicts between VDHA Reunions and Ours

Hi Guys, Just attended a board meeting with the VDHA last night where I presented a plea to the board to have their reunions put back on even numbered years so as not to conflict with our reunions. In 2013, they decided to have a reunion on the same weekend as ours because their 2012 reunion was washed out by Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans. I have been screaming "Foul" ever since and did not attend their reunion even though I am a vice president. I told them I can only attend their reunion this year if we can make some changes. Presentation went well. The change was voted upon and won along with their next reunion not happening until the year 2018. This pissed off a few of the officers but I told them they never should have gone to the odd year in the first place because the Army Sentry Dogs aren't the only toes they stepped on but we are the only ones who protested it the strongest. No more conflicts of reunions now. See you in Washington DC. Ernie Ayala, Vice President of Units, VDHA. P.S. Try to make it to Nashville, TN on Oct 23-25 for the VDHA reunion if you can.
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.11.15 @ 03:00 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, March 5th

Computer Website Problems

I am experiencing problems with updating the website at the time. Everything that is updated will always be posted on our Facebook page. Please refer to the Vietnam Military Police Sentry Dog Alumni Face Book Page. Thank you,

Gary Smith
981st 71-72
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.05.15 @ 12:48 PM CST [link] [No Comments]


Reunion 2015

Folks I got the below note from Charlie Hahn February 17, 2015. I forgot to post it on the website at the time. Don Ristine 212th 65-67 pointed out to me March 1st. Since then I have been having computer problems at my home. I am having to use my daughter's computer to post this please bare with me. There's been a change of dates for the reunion and also for the hotel. The new date is just one week earlier Thursday October 1 to Saturday October 3. The hotel is now the Renaissance Hotel at DuPont Circle, a Marriott Hotel. This is a bigger hotel and has facilities to accommodate our dinner. Sorry for the change of plans, but I believe we will get a better rate for the new dates. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anybody who might have booked airline tickets. I will definitely have all arrangements by the end of the month. Sorry for this but the weather has been bad and a few snow flakes and DC closes down. Government workers ...enough said!
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.05.15 @ 12:45 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Sunday, March 1st

Hepatits C linked to Agent Orange Exposure

I had my annual physical this past Wed and all is well there. They asked if I would like my blood be drawn to be tested for Hep C. I did. They explained that there is a like to Agent Orange. First I heard of it but was wondering if you could post this on the Alumni web site or Facebook to alert the guys.

Thanks Dave Johns 981st 70-71
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 03.01.15 @ 12:27 PM CST [link] [No Comments]

Thursday, February 26th


This was posted in the Jan Feb 2015 Newsletter. William H. Jones 212th MP CO 67-68, 01-04-1949 -- 04-08-2014. I believe this was confirmed by the widow. I searched for obituaries and found one for William. The obituary only contained funeral arrangements. sad
[Karma: 0 (+/-)] Gary Smith on 02.26.15 @ 03:25 PM CST [link] [No Comments]


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